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It Finally Happened: Two Bachelor Contestants Wore the Same First-Night Cocktail Dress

Colton Underwood. Photo: Rick Rowell/ABC

We’re living in a postmodern fast-fashion world full of Zara, Fashion Nova, and ASOS gowns just yearning to be taken for a spin at a reality-show rose ceremony and then swiftly disposed of. But there are dangers: Last night on The Bachelor, the first hit to the egos of some lookin’-for-love-ladies occurred just about halfway through the season premiere. That’s because two contestants — two lovely, unique contestants we would definitely get brunch with! — wound up wearing the same exact dress to seduce Virgin Bachelor Colton Underwood. The culprit: a sultry, strapless, red dazzler seemingly inspired by the dancing-woman emoji on iOS 11. (A cursory search on Twitter for the brand turned up empty, so if anyone has any intel, holler at us.)

It’s the first time this has ever happened in Bachelor history! Which makes sense, because, well, there are many dresses available for purchase in the continental U.S.

“Do we have the same dress? We totally have the same dress. Love it. Looks so good on you,” Heather, whose profession is listed as “never been kissed,” cooed at Laura the accountant when they finally met inside the mansion. “I love it. I love it, I love it!” Laura responded. (We have a feeling Laura did not love it.) To add even more amusement, a talking-head interview with Erika the recruiter afterward revealed that she, too, was possibly interested in buying the dress: “I think I was looking at that same dress online and I almost bought it. Good thing I didn’t.” Dress designer, you are cordially invited to send one to this Vulture writer! She is a big fan!

Two Bachelor Contestants Wore the Same First-Night Dress