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Bill Maher’s Own Audience Boos Him for Giving Ann Coulter Airtime

Bill Maher. Photo: John Shearer/Getty Images

Your crazy aunt Ann Coulter is back in the news again, which might be great for one particular SNL cast member, but for the rest of us, it means the inevitable talk-show appearances that’ll let her spew her nonsense about the government shutdown a little longer. The first of the late-night power players to take the bait is none other than Coulter’s longtime pal, Bill Maher, on his HBO program Real Time, news that Maher’s faithful legion of followers didn’t like at all. That’s because when he announced during Friday’s show that he booked Coulter for an interview next week, the audience descended into a chorus of boos, bona fide spooky sounds that Maher couldn’t have cared less about. (A true Tracy Jordan power move!) “Yeah, that’s called a newsmaker. A policy maker,” he retorted. “You’ll have to suck on that.” That, or they can just boo again in six days.

Bill Maher’s Audience Boos Him for Booking Ann Coulter