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Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Actor Will Poulter Bullied Off Social Media After Film’s Release

Will Poulter. Photo: Netflix

Despite Black Mirror: Bandersnatch receiving pretty solid praise among critics and fans alike for its new, interactive technology and funpressing (fun and depressing!) narrative, one of the film’s actors, Will Poulter, has had to leave Twitter because of a wave of negativity from viewers. Writing about his decision on — where else? —social media, Poulter, who plays Bandersnatch’s prodigious game creator Colin Ritman, said it’s the best decision for his mental health.

“In light of my recent experiences I am choosing to take a step back, of sorts, from Twitter,” he wrote. “I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to everybody who had watched Bandersnatch and for their responses, whatever they may be, to the material we created. I accept all criticisms and it’s been a delight to learn that so many of you enjoyed what many people worked very hard to produce!”

Poulter continues to say he’s “struggled” with social media’s inevitable balance of “positives to enjoy” and “negatives that are best avoided,” which also influenced his decision to leave the platform. “In the interest of my mental health I feel the time has come to change my relationship with social media,” he said, adding a Bandersnatch pun for good measure. “This is not the end. Consider it an alternative path.”

Bandersnatch’s other lead, Fionn Whitehead, only has a Dunkirk spon-con social media presence, so we guess he has nothing to worry about.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Actor Bullied Off Social Media