Chrissy Metz Denies Calling Alison Brie a ‘Bitch’ on the Golden Globes Red Carpet

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

One of the strangest controversies that cropped up during this year’s Golden Globes happened before the monologue even began. This Is Us star Chrissy Metz was on the red carpet when she was asked, at the end of a Facebook Live interview, to introduce Alison Brie, who’s nominated for her performance in season two of GLOW. The camera cut away, but the Facebook Live microphones stayed hot, and some online observers were sure they heard Metz share a surprising assessment of Brie:

Brie was asked about the remark by a Vanity Fair reporter, replying, “But why? I know her. I saw her on the carpet and I told her how beautiful she looked.” The phantom “bitch” became enough of a trending topic that Metz felt compelled to respond during the Globes ceremony, tweeting, “It’s terribly unfortunate anyone would think much less run a story that was completely fabricated!” she wrote on Twitter. “I adore Alison and would never say a bad word about her, or anyone! I sure hope she knows my heart.”

Did Chrissy Metz Call Alison Brie ‘Bitch’ at Golden Globes?