IFC Hath Slain Stan Against Evil

John C. McGinley. Photo: IFC

Stan Against Evil creator Dana Gould confirmed on his podcast that his show is no more. “Stan Against Evil, I am sad to report, will not be returning for a fourth season,” he said. “It had a great run of three seasons. It’s not coming back. Will it show up in some other form on some other network someday? Maybe. But right now, as we like to say, it’s dead as Kelsey’s nuts.” Incidentally, “dead as Kelsey’s nuts,” according to World Wide Words, was a phrase favored by Richard Nixon. It apparently refers to John Kelsey, who pioneered wheel design in early automobiles, and the nuts he designed to attach wooden said wheels to cars.

Stan Against Evil starred John C. McGinley as the titular Stan, who battled demons in his small New Hampshire town. The show also featured Janet Varney, Nate Mooney, and Deborah Baker Jr. “The show’s on Hulu, you can enjoy it,” Gould added. “It ain’t coming back anytime soon, but that is, as they say, showbiz, and I’m already working on some other cool crap that will hopefully come your way.”

Dana Gould Confirms Stan Against Evil Cancellation