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D’Arcy Carden Lost Her Mind Prepping for Her Standout Good Place Episode

Last month, D’Arcy Carden stunned Good Place fans everywhere with the standout season-three episode in which she was tasked with impersonating all of her castmates, and it turns out that her stellar performance came at a great mental cost. Speaking with Seth Meyers last night, Carden looked back on her preparation process. “I had two months to sort of peep on my friends and creepily watch them, and honestly, it might have been easier if I didn’t know I had to do it — if Mike Schur, the creator, had just told me the week before, ‘By the way, you have to do an impression of all these people,’” she said. “Because I truly lost my mind in those months leading up to it.” Said months involved Carden constantly listening to a recording of her castmates reading their lines — so constantly, in fact, that she once pulled over on the street in front of William Jackson Harper … while she had his voice blasting in her car. “He went, ‘Oh no.’ He’s like, ‘You’re going crazy!’”

D’Arcy Carden Almost Lost Her Mind Over a Good Place Episode