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Light of Our Lives Ethan Hawke Moonwalked on Colbert Last Night

Ethan Hawke didn’t just stride onto the Late Show’s set Monday night to talk the Broadway revival of True West with Stephen Colbert — he moonwalked! “Wow! You are a well of hidden talents, Ethan Hawke!” Colbert said, stunned. Hawke — the coolest person to ever live, period — said it took him ten months to learn the moonwalk in the kitchen of his childhood home in Jersey, after Michael Jackson debuted the dance at Motown 25. “Well, you know, if you got it, flaunt it,” the actor demurred. “Right?”

True West — “a diamond of a play,” Hawke promises — is in previews now, and Hawke said he had to run lines with his 10-year-old during the holidays. Hawke plays the older of two brothers in the play, and dons a pretty mustache. “My character is just coming out of the desert for two months, so I can’t shave. Much to my … dismay,” he explained. (Bradley Cooper — you should be following this advice!) Long live Ethan Hawke, his smooth moves, and his gloriously gnarly facial hair!

Did You Know How Well Ethan Hawke Can Moonwalk?