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Facebook Removes Page Dedicated to Discrediting R. Kelly’s Numerous Accusers

R. Kelly. Photo: Mike Pont/Getty Images

While Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly docuseries has rallied many in support of the numerous women who have accused the R&B singer of sexual and emotional exploitation, others have stood by Kelly and are hoping to call into question the validity of the many allegations against him. Then there’s “Surviving Lies,” the Facebook page created not merely as an attempt to discredit the singer’s accusers, but to expose their personal information as well. Of course, that is extremely against Facebook’s guidelines, so the site has already been pulled as of Monday.

According to TMZ, “Surviving Lies,” which they report was created by Kelly’s camp itself, began by attacking Surviving R. Kelly accuser Asante McGee. The now-defunct page claimed McGee is working with Timothy Savage, who believes his daughter Joycelyn Savage is currently with Kelly, to extort the singer. The page also featured an unverified phone call allegedly from McGee’s daughter saying her mother’s accusation was essentially a money grab. There was also a post detailing McGee’s arrest record.

BuzzFeed News reporter Ryan Mac posted screengrabs of the site to Twitter before it was removed. Both Mac and TMZ reported the same statement from a Facebook spokesperson in response to their queries about the pulled site: “The Page violated our Community Standards and has been removed. We do not tolerate bullying or sharing someone’s private contact information and take action on content that violates our policies as soon as we’re aware.”

Facebook Removes Page Attacking R. Kelly’s Accusers