Final Destination Is Being Rebooted by a Pair of Saw Writers, So the 2000s Are Extremely Back

Resurrect Ali Larter, you cowards! Photo: New Line Cinema

It’s been almost two decades since Devon Sawa pulled Ali Larter off a plane and thwarted Death’s grand plan, thereby setting in motion a sequence of events that would stretch on for five sequels and 11 years. Now New Line is firing up the engines of fate once more and rebooting Final Destination with writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Together, Dunstan and Melton wrote the last four Saw movies, Piranha 3DD, and The Collector, which Dunstan also directed along with its sequel. These two are steeped in 2000s-era shock horror, which makes them an apt choice to resurrect the Destination franchise. New Line is billing FD6 as a “reimagining” of the series, and we’re eager to be surprised. THR says plot details aren’t being disclosed yet, but this being a Final Destination movie, it will likely have something to do with people not dying when they were supposed to, and therefore being chased by death for the remainder of the movie. Dunstan and Melton have another high-profile project coming out soon, with the Andre Øvredal-directed Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark premiering this August.

Final Destination Is Being Revived by a Pair of Saw Writers