winter is coming

HBO Quenches Your Extreme Thirst With the Chilliest Little Sip of Game of Thrones

You might be freezing on your own couch right now, but HBO wants to take you someplace even colder. Specifically, Game of Thrones’ Winterfell, the moment Daenerys Targaryen arrives with Jon Snow for a frosty meeting with Sansa Stark. “Winterfell is yours, your grace,” Sansa informs Daenerys and her extremely good coat, so at least that’s all settled. No more epic drama about who rules over the Stark’s ancestral homeland here! Good to have that settled. Because HBO knows they only need to give you just enough of their upcoming shows to wet your whistle, they also offer an intriguing sneak peek at Jeremy Irons in their upcoming Watchmen adaptation, and a shot and a half of Meryl and Meryl’s wig in Big Little Lies, among others. At least Game of Thrones returns in April for its last season, per the HBO Twitter account. Just imagine how thirsty you’ll be for more GoT by then?

HBO Sates Your Thirst With Chilly Sip of Game of Thrones