Thanks to a Redaction Error, We Know How Much Geoffrey Rush’s Defamation Suit is Worth

Photo: Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

Somebody goofed in the Australian courts today. Geoffrey Rush is suing Nationwide News and journalist Jonathon Moran for defamation of character over a story in Australia’s Daily Telegraph accusing Rush of sexual misconduct on the set of Sydney Theatre Company’s King Lear. Thanks to a redaction error apparently made by Rush’s counsel and found by Buzzfeed News, we know that Rush is seeking up to $25 million AUD. That’s seven times more than the largest payout in any Australian defamation case. Rush’s attorneys claimed that the actor was in danger of losing a decade of work from the Telegraph’s story, with a financial loss of anywhere between $2 and $20 million. The trial was closed last year, and is expected to be ruled upon early this year.

Geoffrey Rush Is Seeking Up To $25 Million in Damages Claim