HBO Planning to Wreck Your Sleep With Asian Mythology Horror Anthology Folklore

We’re still praying (to the devil, of course) that Syfy’s Channel Zero might be resurrected following its cancellation last week, but until that unholy miracle occurs, you can fortunately get your horror anthology fix from HBO’s Folklore. According to Entertainment Weekly, the six-episode series will debut on HBO Go, HBO Now, and on-demand next month after premiering on HBO Asia in the fall. Each of Folklore’s episodes features a terrifying story drawn from the superstitions and mythology of six countries: Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, and Thailand.

For example, as the teaser below reveals. the episode “A Mother’s Love,” directed by Indonesian filmmaker Joko Anwar, follows a mother and her young son who believe they’ve rescued a group of children from a decrepit mansion, only to discover that a creature named Wewe Gombel had taken the kids into her care…and is not happy to find them missing. You gotta hate when that happens. You can watch Folklore starting February 1, so go ahead and catch up on your sleep debt now. You won’t be getting much shut eye next month.

HBO Plans to Wreck Your Sleep With Horror Anthology Folklore