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You Had the Same Weekend As Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, Except They Were Prepping for Bad Boys 3

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In news that is not going to help break your winter habit of watching 48 hours of movies in your pajamas every weekend, Will Smith took to Instagram Sunday to announce that he and Martin Lawrence spent the last two days doing the exact same thing you were: watching a mini-marathon of their movies. Of course, Smith and Lawrence had a slightly better excuse than you did: Bad Boys 3, currently titled Bad Boys for Life, reportedly starts shooting tomorrow.

“First Day of Shooting tomorrow!” the Bright actor posted. “We watched @BadBoys 1 & 2 together over the weekend. It’s about to be KRAZY!” Of course, the threequel was previously slated for release both in 2017 and in 2018, so there’s really no telling how many weekends Smith and Lawrence hung out watching their buddy cop franchise before it took, which is sort of an adorable thought. They ride together. They die together. They fall asleep under luxurious millionaire blankets on each other’s couches together. Bad boys for life.

How Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Prepped for Bad Boys 3