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Those Fyre Festival Documentaries Really Struck a Nerve With Ja Rule

Ja Rule. Photo: John Parra/Getty Images for Barstool Sports

We can hardly believe it’s been almost two years since Fyre Festival, the scam of the century, unraveled in front of our eyes, but with competing documentaries from Netflix and Hulu letting us relive the madness all over again, we realized Fyre’s legacy (and those infamous cheese sandwiches) never really left our hearts to begin with. With the festival’s co-founder, Billy McFarland, appearing in the Hulu documentary to tell his side of the story before he was sentenced to prison for fraud, the other founder, Ja Rule, refused to appear in either of the docs and has remained pretty silent with this new media blitz. That is, until now.

On Sunday afternoon, the rapper went on a long tweeting spree to defend himself from Fyre’s critics, insisting that he never set up the festival as a scam. In fact, he is the real victim of everything that went down on that fateful spring weekend, even if some insiders allege he knows more than he’s letting on. “I too was hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hood winked, lead astray!!!” he wrote. “Haha nice try homie you ain’t getting the goods over Twitter… but I will tell my truth real soon… AND I HAVE RECEIPTS!!!”

McFarland, who was called a “serial fraudster” by his judge for orchestrating a $26 million scam, will be in prison for the next six years. Honestly, we just hope Rule’s receipts lead to a third documentary. Perhaps on Amazon Prime.

Those Fyre Festival Docs Are Making Ja Rule Pretty Feisty