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Jake Gyllenhaal Confronts Stephen Colbert for Playing Favorites With Maggie

When Jake Gyllenhaal appeared on The Late Show Wednesday night, he had some business to settle. Stephen Colbert, he claimed, has been two-timing him. “I was trolling around the internet, and I saw some stuff I probably shouldn’t have seen,” Gyllenhaal began. “Jim, can you show Stephen?” Roll clip! In an interview from September, Colbert is seen telling Jake’s big sis Maggie that she’s the better Gyllenhaal. Colbert begins to defend himself, but no matter: “It’s just something you don’t say on national TV,” Jake says.

“Any sibling rivalry? Not till now?” Colbert asks. “You’re welcome. If I can drive a wedge into a family, well then my work is done here.” Jake agrees that Maggie is his favorite sibling, over his 4-year-old brother, who will definitely work out this episode of The Late Show in therapy in approximately 15 years.

Stephen Colbert Has a Favorite Gyllenhaal, and It’s Not Jake