The Complete Unpaid TSA Worker Playlist

Photo: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

TSA workers at JFK have been going without pay for three weeks now, and they are over it. Twitter users are reporting that the airport PA playlist is getting raunchy, blasting everything from “Sicko Mode” to “Misery Business,” to the scoopidy poop song by Kanye. TSA and Port Authority are beefing over who actually controls the aux cord at JFK. A TSA representative told People “TSA doesn’t have access to the public address system at JFK. I have been advised that the system is accessed by the individual operators and the [Port Authority of New York and New Jersey].” But Port Authority told Business Insider that TSA agents do have access at certain terminals.

If you want to give your Friday that “No Fucks, No Liquids Over 3 Oz” energy, a list of songs played by TSA is below.

(Note the plane imagery below.)

And one tweet said JFK was bumping an unspecified Ludacris song, but I’m assuming it’s extremely lewd so … let’s say “Pussy Poppin.”

The Complete Unpaid TSA Worker Playlist