Joel Kim Booster Owns His Stupidity in Very Funny New Stand-up Set

Very funny comedian and co-host of Vulture’s own Drag Race podcast Joel Kim Booster appeared on last night’s Late Late Show for a five-minute stand-up set, and as is usually the case with Booster’s late-night performances, it was a pure delight. Booster covers being single; owning his stupidity; driving in Los Angeles (“I’m not a bad driver cause I’m Asian; I’m a bad driver cause I won’t wear my glasses and I text, okay?!”); going home to visit his sister and her babies (“I love spending time with them and soaking up all the Instagram engagement that I can while they’re young”); the very unnecessary restaurant practice of table-side guacamole; and his thoughts on gay dads: “I believe that gay men, we were put here as population control, and I think every time God above sees two gorgeous men raising a child he’s like, ‘Oh nonononono, you have misunderstood the assignment.’ And it must be so frustrating for him, cause we’re so much better at it!”

Joel Kim Booster Owns His Stupidity in New Stand-up Set