Kanye West Is Being Sued for Allegedly Not Paying for Fancy Japanese Fabric

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Kanye West and Yeezy Apparel LLC are being sued for $600,000 by Japanese fabric manufacturers Toki Sen-I Co. The company claims that West cheated them out of money “by creating a fake company,” according to People. Toki Sen-I Co. makes knit fabric, and the Yeezy label began working with them in 2015. The company requested a down payment for a large order of fleece in June of 2018, which West never provided. West later said he wouldn’t pay for any of the Toki Sen-I fabric. The company is now suing Kanye and claiming that the Yeezy label is a fake shell company. In the fabric company’s eyes, Yeezy Apparel LLC only exists to keep Kanye from being held financially liable. If we learning nothing else from this month of scam accusations, it’s that you should always pay your vendors.

Kanye West Is Being Sued by a Japanese Fabric Company