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Kanye, Pete Davidson, Timothée Chalamet, and Kid Cudi Had a Dinner Party Last Night

What a group. Photo: Kid Cudi

Like a scene out of a hypebeast summit, apparent best bros Kanye West, Pete Davidson, Timothée Chalamet, and Kid Cudi hung out last night. This odd foursome was spotted out at dinner in Malibu for the very special occasion of celebrating Cudi’s birthday, but also, for the very special occasion of allowing Timmy and Pete the space to stan in private. You’ll recall that Davidson has long pledged his allegiance to Kanye, even taking ex-fiancée Ariana Grande to Kanye and Cudi’s album listening party last year and getting matching “Reborn” tattoos (correctly spelled!) with her as an ode to the Kids See Ghosts song.

His admiration for Kanye did briefly take a hit when Kanye went rogue after his Saturday Night Live appearance with a speech during the credits that was overwhelmingly pro-Trump. Davidson walked out on the speech, and later roasted Kanye on a future “Weekend Update,” imploring him to take his meds. The issue of mental health arose again when Kanye took umbrage with a tweet from Ariana that he perceived as using his mental state for a punch line. This time, Davidson swooped in to Kanye’s defense by congratulating him for speaking up about his mental health and said he was “disgusted” by Ariana’s joke. (The situation later escalated with Davidson’s suicide scare.)

Meanwhile, Chalamet spoke to GQ last year about the impact Cudi had on his career. He recalled a time that they met in Montreal, before Timmy’s career took off, and spoke for hours about self-doubt and determination. “The takeaway was: Are you, Timothée, the sort of person who can’t possibly live any other way? ‘Fuck yeah,’” he said, and then booked Call Me by Your Name shortly after. We can’t say for sure what Kanye, Cudi, Pete, and Timmy talked about over dinner last night, but we’d be willing to bet several more “fuck yeahs” were definitely uttered.

Kanye, Pete Davidson, Timothée, Kid Cudi Had a Dinner Party