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Let’s Keep This ‘Things As John Mulaney Quotes’ Meme Going

Photo: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images for The David Lync

John Mulaney has the range. He has the best analogy for Trump, his joke about aging out of pop music still haunts me, and his obsession with his dog is one of the least annoying in Hollywood. So it makes sense that his jokes are resonating all over the internet. Comparing your niche fandom to John Mulaney jokes is the new comparing your niche fandom to popular vines. Anja Reese started this last year with John Mulaney as Musicals. This year, Twitter user @ayrbee started a thread of 2000s pop punk/emo bands as John Mulaney jokes, and the movement has really picked up steam.

But the threads are going in new and exciting places. Like the Dodgers!

Classical music!

And pro wrestling.

But we need to keep this going? What matters to you? What interest do you hold dear? I need everyone to make their own “____ as John Mulaney Quotes” thread because I need to know who the “I’m so horny and angry all the time … ” of Doctor Who or Vanderpump Rules or Steven Universe is.

Let’s Keep This ‘Things As John Mulaney Quotes’ Meme Going