Lin-Manuel Miranda Shoots His Shot At Shaming Hamilton Fan for Recording the Show

Lin-Manuel Miranda. Photo: Bruce Glikas/2016 Bruce Glikas

For a limited three week engagement, Lin-Manuel Miranda is returning to his ruffled shirts and period-appropriate bob hair for a very good cause: He’s reprising his titular Hamilton lead in Puerto Rico, in an effort to raise money for recovery efforts after the devastation of Hurricane Maria. Things have been going by without a hitch so far for those lucky $5,000-per-ticket holders, but at a performance on Wednesday evening, a spectator illicitly recording the performance caught the eye of Miranda from the stage, and he, ever the rapping virtuoso, tweaked the lyrics of “My Shot” in real-time to call out this device deviancy. “Lady filming in the fourth row, please stop it,” Miranda rapped, according to the BBC, which replaced his usual line, “the problem is I got a lot of brains but no polish.” Miranda later confirmed on Twitter that he felt the need to ad-lib because he was pissed off, adding, “please don’t make me do that shit again.”

Unlike the untimely demise of Alexander Hamilton, though, this story actually has a nice ending devoid of dumb weaponry. In a tweet the following day, Miranda wrote that the woman in question sent him an apology email, which is probably a good idea if you get on the bad side of one of People’s Sexiest Men Alive. Don’t be a Peggy, Hamil-viewers!

Lin-Manuel Miranda Shames Fan Filming Hamilton From Crowd