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Lindsay Lohan Swears She’ll Never Dance Again, Dances on Jimmy Fallon

The latest dance craze was dropped into the Aegean Sea and carried out by the tide last fall when Lindsay Lohan, filming whatever she’s doing for her new Mykonos reality series, birthed the #DoTheLilo challenge. It’s pretty endearing, actually! She shimmies to the left; she shimmies to the right. There’s a hair flip. A 360 turn. Another hair flip. But for all the inevitable memes and clips from fans that followed, Lohan isn’t too jazzed about her private club boogie session making the headlines. “I didn’t even know that, until people told me! It’s so embarrassing to me now, you have to understand that,” she told Jimmy Fallon about #DoTheLilo. “I’m, like, never dancing again.” She proceeded to dance about a minute later, below.

Lindsay Lohan Swears She’ll Never Dance Again, Then Dances