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Mariah Carey Does The 10 Year Challenge While Refusing To Acknowledge Time

In a lot of cases, stars participating in the 10 year challenge on social media makes for one of those cute humanizing moments. “They’re just like us,” you say as you examine that questionable denim choice or remember when having the thinnest possible eyebrows was fashionable. But then there’s Mariah Carey, who is not like us, and never will be like us. She does not want to seem grounded, nor does she want to feign accessibility. Like her titular show said, this is Mariah’s World, and Mariah’s World comes with its own rules of time. Which is to say: There is no time. Time is an allusion. A photo cannot be taken 10 years ago. It can only be taken at a time relative to other photos, much like Carey’s “pair” of challenge pictures, otherwise known as two of the same photo taken “at some point prior to today.” There is not 10 years ago. There is only now, prior to now, Christmas, and whatever comes after now — and Mariah Carey is a queen in any and all of those collapsing and overlapping moments.

Mariah Carey Refuses To Acknowledge Time