Somewhere, That Bus Is Smiling: Lindsay Lohan and Mean Girls’ Jonathan Bennett, Together Again

All respect to Shane Oman, but there is only one Mean Girls star we still want to make out with in the projection room above the auditorium, and that is Aaron Samuels himself, Jonathan Bennett. Lucky for us, Lindsay Lohan posted a selfie with the actor this weekend, but this isn’t just your regular “get coffee and talk about Coach Carr’s upcoming probation hearing” selfie. No, it turns out Bennett is reportedly hosting the after show for Lilo’s upcoming MTV reality show Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. The 30-minute Talking Dead–esque talk-back session will air immediately after Beach Club premieres on January 8. In the aptly named Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club: After the Show, Bennett will reportedly engage Lohan in a Q&A, hopefully about her new series, the show’s upcoming episodes and, with any luck, what exactly was going on in that bizarro livestream she posted last September we’ve all just sort of tacitly forgotten about by now.

Lindsay Lohan and Mean Girls’ Jonathan Bennett, Reunite