Do You Have a Moment to Talk About Bradley Whitford’s Church Choir Pilot, Just Ordered by NBC?

Bradley Whitford. Photo: Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

As previously reported, Bradley Whitford is here to take you to church. The actor is set to star in a new 20th Century Fox Television single-camera comedy, which officially received a pilot order from NBC on Friday. Per the show’s logline, “A rural church choir gets the director it never thought it needed when a salty, Ivy League music professor stumbles through their door.”

The Get Out actor will be bringing his saltiest, Ivy League-iest talents to the untitled show, previously known as All Together Now. Sounds like your classic fish out of water story, and we all know what great things Jesus did with fish. Well, Bradley Whitford’s character might not know, so they should probably give him the CliffsNotes version up top, like maybe at the first choir practice.

NBC Orders Bradley Whitford’s Church Choir Pilot