More F Is for Family Is in the Works at Netflix

F Is for Family. Photo: Netflix

Just a few months after Bill Burr and Michael Price’s animated Netflix comedy F Is for Family debuted its third season, a fourth one has been officially locked in. Netflix confirmed today that it has handed out a ten-episode renewal for the series, which will debut sometime next year. Burr stars on the series, and the cast also includes the voices of Sam Rockwell, Laura Dern, Justin Long, and most recently executive producer Vince Vaughn.

Speaking to Vulture last year about what to expect from a fourth season, Burr noted that becoming a father has changed his approach to writing. After citing a story about a gay college student on an athletic scholarship whose parents disowned her, he said, “I just remember, it’s like when your kid is a baby and the first time your kid hugs you and you feel their little hands grab a handful of your shirt, when that happens it’s so amazing, and also you think, If I live to be 200 years old, I’ll never forget this. Reading that story and seeing people that could somehow forget that, I had a real reaction to that. What if I did that to my daughter? And immediately there was that worry of, Oh my God, where is she, is she okay? That’s the kind of stuff that I didn’t have access to before, because I didn’t have that ridiculous joy that comes with the balance of life, fear, and worry that happens the second you become a dad. That would probably go in season four.”

In addition to F Is for Family, Burr signed a production deal with Comedy Central last year to host a half-hour stand-up series for the network and head three hour-long stand-up specials titled Bill Burr Presents. The first special, Paul Virzi: I’ll Say This, aired back in November.

More F Is for Family Is in the Works at Netflix