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Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy Looks Like a Lot of Fun, for an Apocalypse

Netflix has released the first full trailer for its new series, The Umbrella Academy. Based on the comic-book series by My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way, The Umbrella Academy is about six former superbabies who were adopted by an eccentric millionaire. Now papa is dead and they only have eight days to save the world and/or get over their family bullshit after one of the Umbrella kids jumps into the future and accidentally witnesses the apocalypse. Think The Royal Tenenbaums meets X-Men. The show stars some actors familiar with pretending to have superpowers: former Kitty Pryde Ellen Page and Misfits’ Robert Sheehan. The series starts streaming on February 15, and you can watch the teaser below and the full trailer above.

Netflix Released New Umbrella Academy Trailer