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Netflix Gives Us Clues for Another Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Ending, and Yeah, It’s Also Depressing

Photo: Netflix

Any Black Mirror devotee could tell you every path, ending, and choice a viewer could possibly make while exploring the depressing ‘80s world of Bandersnatch, and until a few days ago, it was presumed that every nook and cranny of the interactive film was totally conquered. However, thanks to a tweet from Netflix’s official Twitter account, there’s a good chance some uncharted territory is still to be accessed, and the network is flat-out telling us how to do such a thing: Remember the moment when you could direct Stefan to chose between picking up a family photo or picking up a book? Yeah, pick up the family photo, and when you’re done with that loop, pick up the family photo again.

A-ha! Power in numbers! Who would ever do such a banal action twice! If you don’t have an hour to boot up your Netflix queue and see what ensues, fear not, we’ll do our civic journalistic duty and describe what happens right here. As The AV Club reports, picking up the family photo two times in a row results in a scene (and thus, an ending) where Stefan gets stabbed to death by none other than Jerome F. Davies, the character who wrote and created the original Bandersnatch choose-your-own-adventure book. A.k.a, the guy who suffered a massive mental breakdown and beheaded his wife, and inspired Stefan to try to turn his book into a video game. It’s bleak, but it’s weirdly nice to see Stefan not murdering his father this time around.

Netflix Reveals Bonus Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Ending