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Improv Theater to Set Man on Fire to Honor Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage. Photo: XYZ Films

If you’re looking for a worthy cause to donate to, look no further. A Michigan improv theater has created a crowdfunding campaign that’s hard to turn down. For the past six years at Planet Ant — which was co-founded by Keegan-Michael Key — has hosted a Nicolas Cage film festival titled Nicolas UnCaged. This year, the theater has decided to take things a step further … by attempting to break the Guinness World Record for “longest full-body human burn” in honor of Cage, who has had more than his fair share of big-screen fire scenes.

Nicolas Cage stuntman, special-effects technician, and 11-time Guinness World Record holder Schuyler White is the lucky man who will be lit on fire to honor Mr. Cage, and a GoFundMe page has been set up to raise $13,000 for the event — $3,000 for “the cost of the burn,” and another $10,000 to fly in Guinness World Record representatives from England to witness history being made. Here’s more info from the GoFundMe page:

What is money if for if not for this — setting the world record for the longest consecutive full body burn. In other words, setting a man, a full man, on fire. And not just any man. Acclaimed stunt man, pyrotechnic specialist, and stuntman to our one true god. Schuyler White will attempt a world record (legally and with the assistance of local fire safety professionals) while we continue in our tradition of throwing the world’s premiere Nicolas Cage appreciation celebration — UnCaged 6(6)6 .


What is the money for? Well, a few very important things:

First, the cost of the burn. Just to burn a man, it will cost $3,000 in supplies, materials, and safety measures.

The second chunk of donations, $10,000, will allow us to fly out the Guinness World Record folks from England so that they, like you, can witness the Guinness World Record for the longest duration full-body burn and put Hamtramck and UnCaged Fest on the map. If we do not meet our goal or should we surpass it, we will donate the full/remaining amount to the Hamtramck Fire Department. Either way, folks, we are setting a man on fire.

The man-burning is slated for February 23, between screenings of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and Drive Angry, so start throwing your money at this great cause today.

Improv Theater to Set Man on Fire to Honor Nicolas Cage