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Patti LaBelle Is Still Waiting for Elton John to Return Her Tupperware

The people’s auntie Patti LaBelle stopped by Busy Philipps’s show on Thursday night to dish on all the usual hot goss a living legend collects over a few decades in the business. Like, you know, slapping around her goddaughter Mariah Carey presumably whenever she got fresh (the work of Patti’s evil alter ego, Priscilla, perhaps?) and that one time Prince caught the Louboutin she tossed into a crowd. But most delightful of all is a story from early in her career when a man named Reginald Dwight used to play piano for her and, in return, she’d give him food to take home in her Tupperware. When Patti and Reginald crossed paths again, he was now some guy named Elton John with enough money to stock dozens of pantries with Tupperware (“you made it before me, punk?” she chided). So, naturally, Patti wanted hers back. Elton instead did her one better and gifted her a diamond ring. Which is very nice and all but what’s Patti supposed to store all her Patti pies in now?!

Patti LaBelle Waiting for Elton John to Return Tupperware