Can You Guess the Real Pilot ABC Ordered, Based on a John Mayer Song?

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for LiveNation

ABC has ordered a drama pilot based on a John Mayer song. Mayer will executive produce along with Ben Queen Melvin Mar, Jake Kasdan, and Paul Weitz. Queen previously created Powerless and A to Z for ABC. Although Mayer is a man of many talents (Instagram live talk show-hosting, guitar face-making, hypebeasting), this is his first time producing a TV show. And it’s certainly the first time a Mayer song has been spun out into 44 minutes (not counting his work with The Dead). Can you guess what song it is?

Which Is the Real John Mayer Song-Turned-Pilot?

"Waiting for the World to Change" The show follows a woman who, after getting frustrated with how little of an effect her Greenpeace pamphleteering has, decides to give in to her baser impulses. Her life is turned around by a bartender who reminds her that doing good is work, but we owe it to each other to try.
"You're Gonna Live Forever In Me" Will follow a man who, after his wife's tragic death, begins hallucinating her ghost everywhere. Or is she imaginary? His ghostly bride will teach him lessons of forgiveness, moving on, and how to do his own laundry.
"Heart of Life" The show follows two sets of adult siblings who discover they all have the same dad. The two families will experience the joys and heartaches of trying to come together, as well as reexamine who their father really is.

Quiz: Which John Mayer Song Is Becoming an ABC Pilot?