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Police Are Investigating Threats From R. Kelly’s Manager to Joycelyn Savage’s Family

R. Kelly. Photo: Picasa/WireImage

In the Lifetime docuseries Surviving R. Kelly, it was made clear that if the R&B singer has indeed been able to carry out decades of sexual abuse and exploitation, it would not have been possible without assistance from a vast network of enablers. According to a new police report obtained by the Blast, Kelly’s manager, Don Russell, is still actively trying to threaten and intimidate people connected to his client’s alleged victims.

Joycelyn Savage is one of the women said to be living under Kelly’s control, and Russell called her father, Timothy, shortly before Surviving premiered to say if his family continued to participate with the show, he would be forced to distribute information that would “ruin him, his reputation, businesses, and family, because it would show him a liar.” The officer who filed the report was present for a call Russell made to Timothy, which Timothy put on speaker for the officer to hear. Joycelyn’s dad had previously contacted police to report the harassment from an earlier call from Russell. The case is being looked into further by the criminal investigation department.

R. Kelly’s Manager Is Threatening Joycelyn Savage’s Family