24-Year-Old Saoirse Ronan Listening to 10-Year-Old Saoirse Ronan Squeal Is So Pure

The last time Saoirse Ronan appeared on a late-night show with one of her Lady Bird co-stars, she and Lucas Hedges both identified as little spoons. This time, she’s on The Graham Norton Show with Timothée Chalamet (and Laura Linney!), and Norton plays a clip from her childhood: When she was but a precocious 10-year-old, Sir Shaw phoned into a radio contest — which required her to really commit to a bit as Shrek 2’s Gingerbread Man — to win a vacation to the state of Florida, a place that certainly does not deserve her. Anyway, hear, with your very own ears, little Sirsh completely lose her freaking mind when she finds out she’s the winner. “OHMYGODDDDDD!” she squeaks. “I’M GOIN’ TO FLORIDA!!!!!” Saoirse Ronan doesn’t have the Oscar she deserves, but she has our undying affection and a trip to the Sir-shine state!

24-Year-Old Saoirse Ronan Recalls 10-Year-Old Saoirse Ronan