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Sarah Jessica Parker Revives Carrie Bradshaw As a Beer-Brand Ambassador

Photo: YouTube

With the Sex and the City cinematic universe permanently kaput thanks to the refusal of Samantha Jones, at least the leader of our friendship rectangle, Carrie Bradshaw, always finds a way to pop up when we need her most. [Cue the internal typing monologue.] As revealed on Instagram this weekend, Sarah Jessica Parker teased that her stylish heroine would be coming out to play sometime soon for a good cause, which we imagine will be for 1) Charity, 2) A political endorsement, or 3) Yeah, it’s gonna be a charity. “My old friend. She is making a brief reappearance,” SJP wrote. “Partnering with a great brand and supporting a cause we all care about. More to come.” Your guess is as good as ours for what this all means, although the “pour it forward” tagline makes us think of … mmm, something liquidy. Like water, or a bunch of cosmos.

Update, January 22: Surprise! We couldn’t help but wonder how correct we were with our speculative guessing game. Parker confirmed today that she’s partnering with the beer company Stella Artois for its “Pour It Forward” campaign, which aims to alleviate the global water crisis.

SJP Revives Carrie Bradshaw As a Beer Ambassador