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The Upper East Side Gets a Rap Tribute on SNL Thanks to Leslie Jones

During James McAvoy’s episode of SNL over the weekend, a misunderstood Manhattan neighborhood got some love thanks to Leslie Jones when she starred in a rap tribute to the place she currently calls home. “In my life I’ve lived in some of the hardest neighborhoods in America: Compton, Spanish Harlem, Bed-Stuy,” she said at the top of the video. “But the neighborhood where I live now gets no love. Y’all say it’s boring. Y’all say it’s homogeneous. But y’all don’t know it like I do. This is the Upper East Side, bitches!” What followed was a loving ode to the forgotten land of subway escalators, lots of Seamless options, kids playing cello, Jamaican doormen, and friendly German bakers (in which McAvoy showed off his ability to do yet another accent). “They say ‘Leslie, you forgot where you came from!’” Jones said at the end of her rap. “Bitch, I live here because I remember where I came from!”

Leslie Jones Raps About the Upper East Side on SNL