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Not Even James McAvoy Is Immune to SNL Breaking When Floppy Boobs Are Involved

Readers, have you ever been to New Orleans? Where the molasses runs smooth, the jazz is juicy, and the mosquitos sashay through the air? If you ever find yourselves going to that swampy abode, please do be on the lookout for a ginger woman whose boobs swing wide, “one pointed east, one pointed straight up,” because that mental image made James McAvoy (very cutely) lose it on the SNL stage last night. No matter that he and his wife were actually beckoned by this woman to be robbed by a group of junkies and not partake in what they thought would be a voodoo ritual. Or as he puts it, through giggles: “Authentic New Orleans magic, baby.”

James McAvoy Breaks on SNL When Floppy Boobs Come Up