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Pete Davidson’s Stand-Up Sets Are All About ‘Sick Genius’ Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson. Photo: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

The brutal world of stand-up comedy has been reuniting with a friendly face as of late, thanks to Pete Davidson slowly dipping his toes back into a non-SNL outlet for his various internal monologues. And, as Page Six reports, his go-to internal monologue for the time being is about none other than his ex-fiancée Ariana Grande, whom he likened to a “sick genius” for telling the world about the impressive size of his penis on social media before their breakup. (Ah, it seems like only yesterday the reign of Big Dick Energy began.) “Why would she tell everyone that I have a huge penis?” Davidson joked during his Carolines set earlier this week. “So that every girl who sees my dick for the rest of my life is disappointed.” A source also told Page Six that “a good amount” of Davidson’s current set is about Grande, although he also weaves in some amusing anecdotes about living and attending parties with his mother. If only we could all be so lucky to bring our moms to 1 OAK.

Pete Davidson’s Stand-Up Sets Are All About Ariana Grande