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Mrs. Maisel Isn’t Thrilled With Her New Competition on SNL

It was just your average night at the Gaslight when some very funny lightning managed to strike twice: Our gal from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel finished her set and encouraged the cafe’s floor sweeper to give stand-up a try, and lo and behold, she might actually have talent. Not, like, Midge’s poetic-musings-about-motherhood-and-divorce talent, or like Lenny Bruce, but rather something straight out of a 1997 Def Comedy Jam special with all the bleeps and bloops your heart desires. (Ahem: If you don’t want to hear her roast your boyfriend about his ridiculously small dick, best go to another club.) Midge might need some time to get used to this, especially when she and Miss Rita have the inevitable mix-up about defining “pearl necklaces.”

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Gets Some Raunchy Competition on SNL