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Blame the Box Office for Tony Hawk’s Space Jam Sequel Never Coming to Fruition

Tony Hawk. Photo: Barry King/Getty Images

A proper, art house Space Jam sequel might’ve taken more than two decades for those Hollywood loonies guarding the Looney Tunes to say yes to, but if cinematic history were to rewrite itself, it could’ve come as early as 2003. That’s because skateboarding and Underground legend Tony Hawk says he was tapped to fill Michael Jordan’s shoes for the film’s tentative sequel — with skateboarding as the new sport, obviously — but due to dwindling interest from movie-goers about these live action-animation hybrid comedies, the project ended up getting scrapped. “In 2003, I was requested to meet with Warner Brothers about doing a film tentatively titled Skate Jam. They were bringing back Looney Tunes with Back In Action and then wanted to start on my project immediately,” he wrote on Twitter. “A week later Back In Action bombed and Skate Jam was shelved forever.” It’s … not too late. Who has money?

Seriously, anyone have some money?

We Almost Got a Space Jam Sequel Starring Tony Hawk