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Hey, Fox & Friends, At Least Try to Pronounce Stephen Colbert’s Show Correctly

As much as we’d welcome the technology to time-travel back to 2010 when Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart were our political tsars on Comedy Central, alas, monologuing and goat saving are their careers now, and we really need to accept that. But that still doesn’t give Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade the free rein to refer to Colbert’s Late Show as The Colbert Report (with a hard T), which pissed our host off so much that he had to riff about it during last night’s opening. “The T is silent, like you were during the Roger Ailes scandal,” Colbert unloaded. “And, second, The Colbert Report went off the air over four years ago! Or as it’s now known, the before times.”

Colbert Slams Fox & Friends for Mispronouncing His Show