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The Bachelor’s Colton Underwood Spent an Entire Day Filming Shower Scenes

Photo: ABC/Hulu

It’s the biggest mystery of The Bachelor this season: Why in the world does Colton Underwood take so many showers? Nary a 15-minute vignette of screen time goes by without him engaging in some kind of sensual shower moment — shirtless, of course — with slow-mo effects to heighten the mood. But sex sells and Colton himself is a bit of a snooze, so let’s just welcome this reprieve and not ask too many questions. And the next time he’s standing in a Nancy Meyers–inspired shower enclave, remember this: The Bachelor producers know exactly what they’re doing, which is why Colton spent a whole day filming shower scenes.

“You know how many showers I took? You ready for this? This is a spoiler alert,” he revealed on Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti’s Almost Famous podcast this week. “We had a shower B-roll day. It was awesome.”

An entire day! Dedicated to perfecting the art of shower seduction! There’s no real thematic reason for these scenes to be peppered throughout the show’s first two episodes, besides ABC reminding us with liquid-y thirst traps that Underwood’s body be bangin’. But do we care? Not really. Body indeed be bangin’! There are outdoor showers on the beach, indoor showers with a disconcerting lack of soap, and everything in between.

Sometimes, the showers look like this.

Other times, the showers look like this.

You get it. We get it. And you just know there’s gonna be a bunch of shower bloopers during After the Final Rose, time constraints be damned.

The Bachelor Spent an Entire Day Filming Shower Scenes