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The 10 Most Ludicrous Arrivals in Bachelor History

Photo: Rick Rowell/ABC

Much like their increasing desire to stand out on those hovering ID cards, Bachelor contestants have gotten pretty damn savvy about how they want their first impressions on the show to go: Sure, you could stroll up to meet your future boo and millions of viewers with only, ugh, some witty banter planned — or you could orchestrate a fireworks display, summon a litter of kittens to attack the mansion’s shrubbery, channel the ghost of Jim Morrison, or maybe even spend thousands of dollars to arrive in an antiquated vehicle. (Only one of the above actually happened.) As the old adage goes, you only get one first impression, which is especially true if you want to parlay that first impression into a future full of Instagram #sponcon and franchise podcasts.

On Monday evening’s premiere of The Bachelor, two women vying for the affections of Colton Underwood abided by the Extra School of Arrivals, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, they were among the first rejects at the rose ceremony. In recognition of the women of Bachelors past who decided to go big or go home, here are the most memorable arrivals in recent history.

The (Pretty Expensive-Looking!) Sloth Costume (Season 23)

Thiiiiis sloooooooth miiiiight haaaaaveeee beeeeeen cuuuuute iiiiiiiiif Alex diiiiiiiidn’t taaaaaaaaalk sooooooooo sloooooooooowly tooooooo.

The Horse-Drawn Carriage the Producers Definitely Forced Upon Her (Season 23)

Erin’s profession was listed as “Cinderella,” but there were no mice sidekicks in the carriage with her, so (bibbidi-bobbidi) boo.

The NASCAR Moment (Season 22)

+1,000 points for the sweet ride, -10,000 points because Maquel didn’t drive it herself.

The Bumpy Camel Ride (Season 21)

“I hear you like a good hump,” Kacey cooed coquettishly from a camel, which will be our go-to alliterative tongue-twister from now on.

The (Cheap) Shark Costume (Season 21)

Baby shark, do do do do do do, baby shark, do do do do do do, baby shark, do do do do do do, Great Whites can kill you, Alexis.

The Electric Daisy Carnival Unicorn Mask (Season 21)

Get back, JoJo! Go home! Take off that unicorn mask and wait until you’re the Bachelorette next season and all the men have to work for you!

The Twin Special (Season 21)

Two Emilys and Haleys for the glittery price of one.

The Tech Enthusiast (Season 21)

No surprise Rachel is unemployed and not, like, working at Cisco.

The Idiosyncratic Instrumentalist (Season 18)

Upon further reflection, we’re forwarding this clip of Christy and her custom ride to Brian Eno.

The Boldest Move You Can Possibly Make (Season 18)

Clare pretended she was pregnant. You know what, she ended up as a finalist. Maybe you should do what she did.

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