You’ll Need Great Vision to Spot The Good Place Showrunner’s Favorite Easter Egg

Photo: Colleen Hayes/NBC

One of the joys of The Good Place is its nonstop mix of hidden jokes, puns, and Easter eggs hidden throughout every episode, so much so that showrunner Mike Schur has incorporated callbacks to his previous feel-good sitcom, Parks and Recreation, just for the hell of it. It’s sometimes easy to spot the obvious jokes, thanks to, say, big letters on a menu at the infamous Cowboy Skyscraper Buffet, but going down from Ariel 10 to Helvetica 6 is a little harder for some viewers’ peepers. So now, thanks to Schur getting sentimental about the end of the show’s third season, he revealed on Twitter his favorite Easter egg of the year — and as it involved very, very, very small typeface onscreen, Schur blew it up as much as he could in a photo. Go on, take a peek at those silly captions.

Mystery celeb! Who is this now? No one knows who this is! Is she that woman up there? Who’s to say that’s not an actual Us Weekly cover.

The Good Place’s Showrunner on His Favorite Easter Egg