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Salma Hayek Is Scary and Has Magnificent Silver Hair in The Hummingbird Project Trailer

Alexander Skarsgård is bald, Salma Hayek has extremely chic silver hair, and Jesse Eisenberg is tightly wound in this first trailer for The Hummingbird Project. It’s one of those high-intensity, high-aggression finance-world dramedies where everyone’s kind of a bad guy because we all want to eat the rich anyway. The film follows a pair of professional traders who have discovered how to get even the tiniest edge on their competition by building a subterranean fiber-optic hard line between Kansas City and New York City that will get them stock-market quotes faster than anyone else. But they have to do it before their old boss, scary Salma Hayek, catches on and beats them to it. The Hummingbird Project comes from writer and director Kim Nguyen, and opens in March.

Salma Hayek’s Hair Stars in The Hummingbird Project Trailer