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Tina Fey Still Isn’t Over the ‘Heartbreak’ of Great News’ Cancellation

Tina Fey. Photo: NBC

Pardon the easy adjective, but one of the greatest sitcoms in recent memory was none other than Great News, which brought Tina Fey back to her NBC home turf as one of the show’s executive producers. (She also portrayed a sexual harasser in a very amusing second-season arc. Twist!) The show, sadly, ended up being canceled after two seasons of low ratings despite fans rallying to save it, news that Fey is still pretty bummed about. “Yeah, that is a heartbreak because [creator] Tracey Wigfield was really firing on all cylinders running that show and that cast were delightful and so funny and we could’ve done that show for seven seasons and it would’ve stayed consistently funny,” Fey told The A.V. Club.But it’s so hard to figure out what counts as a success on broadcast.” Or, in hindsight, Fey realized the lack of social-media jibber-jabber maybe wasn’t so great: “We should have hired someone to tweet about it all day. Is that a job?” It is a job, not that Chuck would understand.

Tina Fey on the ‘Heartbreak’ of Great News’ Cancellation