RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 4, Episode 6: We Have Thoughts

Photo: Logo/VH1

This week What the Tuck host Nicole Byer is joined by a very special guest, UCB L.A.’s Mano Agapion, to break down the gag of the season, a.k.a. All Stars 4’s twist on the traditional comeback episode. But before getting into the LaLaPaRuza lip-sync extravaganza, Nicole and Mano take a trip back through Drag Race herstory to cast their own version of a hypothetical season of Drag Race: Villains (which absoluuuutely includes one All Stars 4 queen in particular).

Then it’s time to dive into the sea of drama that floods the workroom with the return of Jasmine Masters, Farrah Moan, Gia Gunn, and Latrice Royale to the competition. Is Latrice mad about Monique sending her home? She says she’s not, but Nicole and Mano say queen, please, you mad. Valentina’s unshakable confidence in her talent, even in the face of obvious failure, inspires Nicole to break out her own audition for Rent: Live, while Jasmine’s seemingly complete lack of interest in playing the game has Mano wondering why exactly she keeps coming back. But the queens’ return does give us what we really want out of a season that’s devoted way too much time to character-based improv challenges — that’s right, lots and lots of lip-syncing. Nicole and Mano break down all the highs, lows, and wig reveals, so click play and let’s get into it!

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RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 4, Episode 6: We Have Thoughts