Everything You Need to Know About Whoopi Goldberg’s Dog’s Wedding

Photo: SAM YEH/AFP/Getty Images

It’s a blessed day when two influencer dogs wed, especially if one of them is the grand-dog of Whoopi Goldberg. “Heads up! There’s a wedding in the family!!!” Goldberg wrote on Instagram. “My granddog is getting hitched!! What has the world come to?” According to TMZ, Goldberg’s daughter’s dog Filmore met his fiancée Izzy the Frenchie while their owners were working on the Hillary Clinton campaign. Izzy has been featured in a glowing profile in Vogue (“When I meet Izzy for the first time, she’s wearing a custom version of Lady Gaga’s pink feathered Valentino dress, created by her personal designer who used to work at Dior.”) and is owned by alternative-energy magnate Rick Hendrix. The wedding will be held in a private venue in New York, with a reception to follow at Whoopi’s. The couple will be photographed by Timothy White (who has shot other luminaries like Glenn Close and Lukas Haas). The cake will be flown in from Nashville. In short, this is the event of the doggie season. Take that, A Dog’s Way Home!

Whoopi Goldberg’s Dog’s Wedding: Everything You Need to Know