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John Krasinski Is Officially Directing A Quiet Place 2, and This Time They Better Discover Socks

John Krasinski. Photo: Jonny Cournoyer/Paramount Pictures

Activate combat mode Emily Blunt! John Krasinski posted a photo to social media today that Quiet Place fans will recognize as the Abbott family home, with the caption “… time to go back” and a date, March 5, 2020. It was already announced that Krasinski would write the sequel, but he is now confirmed to direct, and shortly after his social posts The Hollywood Reporter also broke the news that all three stars — Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe — are in talks to return for part two. As THR reports, both young actors were already under option from their initial contract, just in case Quiet Place overperformed and Paramount wanted to revisit the property. Then surprise! It did! Despite it being her husband’s film, Blunt is said to be in the negotiation stage for 2. She agreed to a much lower rate than her usual asking price for the first movie — doing her husband a solid and whatnot — and this time around “insiders say she will once again be looking to take a cut to be part of the sequel.” Get your money, Ms. Blunt! And make sure the Abbotts get some damn socks this time around!

John Krasinski Is Officially Directing A Quiet Place 2