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New Aladdin Trailer Gives You All the Blue Will Smith You Can Handle

One of your wishes has finally come true: Disney’s first Aladdin teaser trailer gives you a long look at Will Smith’s Genie. Despite fan fears following a movie first look back in December, Genie is as blue as a summer day, like the real Will Smith dipped in a vat of blueberries. And you sure get a lingering shot of his extremely muscular back, don’t you? Hey, what’s a live-action remake without a trip through the ol’ uncanny valley, though?

While Aladdin, played by Mena Massoud, might not recognize Genie on sight, you sure will, in addition to the classic animated film’s Cave of Wonders, a real-life Iago, and an extremely adorable Abu, complete with tiny hat. The new Aladdin materializes in theaters on May 24.

Disney’s New Aladdin Trailer Stars Will Smith as Genie