Anne Hathaway Says She Turned Down 2011 Oscars Gig, Only to Have James Franco Talk Her Back Into It

Photo: GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images

Whether it was a nationally broadcast prank, a form of performance art, or just plain old nerves, few people will forget James Franco’s leaving Anne Hathaway out to dry when the pair co-hosted the Oscars in 2011. When People’s Jess Cagle floated the idea of the actress hosting this year’s Academy Awards during a recent interview, Hathaway responded with an offer to “dish some tea.” According to the actress, the truth is “I turned that gig down and James Franco is the one that convinced me to do it,” an insidious detail considering that Franco famously had the energy and commitment of a sleepwalker during the telecast.

When asked if maybe Franco’s behavior was intended to be a practical joke, Anne’s response indicates she’s clearly considered it. “If he’d turned around and said, ‘I’m pranking you right now,’ I think I would have been okay with it,” she mused. “I would have been like, ‘That sucks, but it’s epic.’” In the end, says Hathaway, “All the reasons why I turned it down came true.”

Anne Hathaway Says James Franco Convinced Her to Host Oscars